Kilimanjaro Climbing is your #1 local outfitter for affordable Mount Kilimanjaro trekking tours through all popular routes, as well as the less hiked trails.

Kilimanjaro Climbing is a locally owned and operated trekking outfitter, specializing in private and scheduled group Mount Kilimanjaro climbing tours. Being a local trekking outfitter, we operate from our offices in Arusha (The HQ) and operations office in Moshi, Tanzania the base town for all Mount Kilimanjaro climbing tours.

Apart from operating safe affordable climbs on Mount Kilimanjaro, we also plan treks to the top of Mount Meru, as well as other smaller mountains like Oldoinyo Lengai and Mount Hanang. We also offer treks through the Ngorongoro Highlands as well as hiking tours in the Udzungwa mountains, and Usambara mountains among other hiking tours.

We have been operating Kilimanjaro climbing tours though our safari company since the year 2010 before starting the specialty Kilimanjaro hiking tour operation company in the year 2014. Since then, we have increased our numbers of happy hikers almost five-fold.

Affordable Kilimanjaro Climbing Trekking tours

The reason why we manage to offer top quality but affordable treks is that we are a local tour operator not an agent. We plan all the treks from the ground and source all the food you need from locals in a way of supporting the local community. We do not use any middle-men, so you will be dealing with us from the time you send that email inquiry, to the time that we say good bye to you after your successful Mount Kilimanjaro hike.

We believe on fair prices, which is why we do not charge exorbitant prices. Our main aim is to build a business that supports and improves the lives if the local community.

Our Mount Kilimanjaro Guides

All our guides are hand-picked professionally trained and experienced Mountaineering guides who are not only trained on the best mountain guiding techniques but also on safety. At Kilimanjaro Climbing we believe that the best Kilimanjaro trek is the safest trek. Our guides are all Wilderness first responder certified and have all the necessary training to ensure a safe trek.

They will take your vitals at every camp during the climb and will have the right to ask you to descend down, if there is need to do so. We provide enough guides to ensure the trekking tour proceeds even when one of you has to cut short his/her climb at any point. Our guides are always equipped with all the required equipment like the Oximeter as well as oxygen bottles throughout the climb.

Douglas Kilimanjaro Guide

Douglas – Head Kilimanjaro Guide

Douglas hails from the Chagga community, the predominant community that has lived in the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro for ages. He used to admire not only  the hikers who visited his village (Marangu Village) with the aim of climbing Kilimanjaro but also the crew who helped the hikers achieve their goal. He promised himself as a young boy that he will one day hike up Mount Kilimanjaro and make it to Uhuru Peak. As fate would have it, he is now an accomplished Kilimanjaro climbing guide with an experience of 2o years, having started as a porter before transitioning to an assistant guide and later a full guide.

He is a trained mountain guide according to the requirements by KIlimanjaro National Park Authority. Douglas Tarimo is now our head guide and his duties include supervising other guides to make sure all our treks go on smoothly and all our trekkers get the best experience from our guides and assistant guides. You can request for Douglas to be your guide in your next ascent to Uhuru peak because he still guides some of our groups on request.

All our Kilimanjaro climbing guides are professionally trained guides with more than 10 years experience of leading successful and safe Kilimanjaro treks.

Maxmilian - Kilimanjaro Guide

Maxmilian Maleo Kilimanjaro Guide

Alfred - Kilimanjaro Guide

Alfred Ngowi Kilimanjaro Guide

Alex - Kilimanjaro Guide

Alex Kili Guide