The Northern Circuit Route is the most beautiful and longest route along Mount Kilimanjaro, starting from the west side of the mountain at Londorossi Gate. If you have the time and are not worried about the budget, the Northern Circuit is the route for you, as it also offers you a 360-degree view of the rarely-visited northern Kilimanjaro slopes. The route starts from Londorossi Gate and takes you through the Shira Plateau before taking you to the north of the mountain, unlike other routes that take the south. The route will circle the north, taking you to the east side of the mountain, and the descent will bring you to the Mweka gate.

The route is a peaceful one since it is longer and new. It will take you either 8 or 9 days to complete the Northern Circuit at a height of 5895 m, and the additional day of the 9-day itinerary is for acclimatization. After the short drive from Moshi, we get to the Londorossi gate, take a short drive to Lemosho Gate, where the hike officially begins, and hike through the rainforest zone till we reach Mti Mkubwa, where we spend our first night. The hike continues through the Shira Plateau to Shira 1 Camp, Shira 2 Camp, Lava Tower, Moir Hut, Buffalo Camp, the Third Cave, and finally School Hut before hiking to the summit. Descent is made down a different route, taking you to the Mweka Camp for the last night on the mountain before hiking to the Mweka gate to sign out.

Is the Northern Circuit Route crowded?

Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro
Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro

No, the Northern Circuit Route is not busy at all. This is because it is a longer route and more expensive when compared to other routes. It is also hard to hike up Mount Kilimanjaro using the Northern Circuit, and that is why most hikers avoid it. check out the cost of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for more on prices.

How long is the Northern Circuit Route?

The route is a total of 96 kilometers, which can be hiked in a total of either 8 or 9 days. We recommend the 9-day itinerary, which gives you an extra day for acclimatization, and besides, you should remember that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not a race and needs to be taken one day at a time at a slow pace to avoid altitude sickness and fatigue. If you want to have a nice climb and complete the hike successfully, you need to prepare for the Northern Circuit hike.

The scenery on the Northern Circuit Route?

The scenery that comes with one of the newest hike routes on Mount Kilimanjaro, the Northern Circuit, is the most beautiful route among all the seven hike routes on the mountain. It is one of the most established routes, and the scenery includes the Shira Plateau and distant views of the Kenyan lowlands and Mount Meru. And to add to the beauty of using the Northern Circuit Route, you get to use a different route together while descending.

The success rate for the Northern Circuit

The Northern Circuit Route is the longest Mount Kilimanjaro route, providing hikers with a high-climb and low-sleep profile that is good for proper acclimatization. Although there are no official statistics, the Northern Circuit Route is believed to have the highest summit success rate on the mountain, with a percentage of 95.

How hard is the Northern Circuit?

There is no easy climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, but the Northern Circuit Route is considered to be one of the easiest climbs, and this is because it offers a great acclimatization profile. It offers to climb high and sleep low opportunities, which increases the summit success rate, and with a good hiking team, preparation, and the right tour operator, anyone can hike up Mount Kilimanjaro using the Northern Circuit Route.

Tips for trekking the Northern Circuit Route

It all comes down to how prepared you are to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro as a whole, and some of the tips for successfully climbing the mountain using the Northern Circuit include buying and using the right climbing gear, pacing yourself (this is not a competition, which means that you need to take things slow if you do not want to get altitude sickness), following all the guidelines given to you by the guides, and making sure that you are hydrated.

Accommodation on the Northern Circuit

The Northern Circuit Route only has camping accommodations, and all your camping equipment is provided, including sleeping bags, pillows, tents, and sleeping mats. The tents are pitched for the night by the mountain crew and taken down for the next camp throughout your hike.