This is our standard itinerary for the 8-day Lemosho Route, one of the less frequented , but gaining prominence very quickly.

The Lemosho route was introduced to hikers on Mount Kilimanjaro due to the high demand on the other hike routes, and it has become one of the most frequented routes for hikers climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro. The route starts from the western part of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the ride from Moshi to the gate takes between 2 and 3 hours. It is an easier route to take, and on your day of arrival, a pre-briefing will be given to you by our guide and your equipment will be inspected after we pick you up from the airport and settle you in the hotel in Moshi.

The 8-day Lemosho Route is recommended because it offers great acclimatization to hikers with the hike from Barranco to Barafu is broken down into two so that hikers get enough rest and acclimatize before the summit hike attempt. It is also used by prominent local Kilimanjaro operators because it is a new route, has fewer crowds, and beautiful scenery, and although it is expensive, it has better acclimatization.

The Lemosho Route starts from the west side of the mountain at the Londorossi Gate. The Lemosho route is one of the most organized and planned routes with longer distances, shorter elevations, and ample time for acclimatization. It has a high summit success rate with a percentage of 90% at a distance of 70 kilometers from the start of the hike to the finishing point.

8 Days Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro
Summit Day 8 Days Lemosho Itinerary
Day 0

Arrival into Kilimanjaro Airport - Transfer to Moshi

On arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will be picked up Kilimanjaro Climbing Representative and driven to your hotel, where you will spend the night. After settling in, the guide will then check the equipment to make sure that it is in place and in good condition, and a briefing for the next day and what to expect during the climb will also be carried out. Overnight at Park View Inn in Moshi town. Booked on bed and breakfast.

Day 1

Londorossi Gate-Mti Mkubwa Camp

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Distance: 5.5km

Zone: Rainforest

Elevation: 2250 m to 2820 m

The day begins with a drive from Moshi to the Londorossi gate, where the group will register to get climbing permits. As you register, the porters and the rest of the crew will be getting ready with the bags and other equipment used for the next eight days. You will spend the next 3 to 4 hours hiking through the lush rainforest, where you might catch a glimpse of wildlife. The hike will be slow-paced, with no rush, and our first night will be spent at the Mti Mkubwa Camp.

Day 2

Mti Mkubwa, hike to Shira 1 Camp

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Distance: 8km

Zone: Rainforest/Moorland

Elevation: 2820 m to 3500 m

Day 2 begins with a transition from the rainforest zone to the Moorland zone from Mti Mkubwa camp, and after several hours of hiking, we arrive at the Moorland/low Alpine Zone, where the vegetation changes dramatically from tall lush trees to small shrubs. This is also the first time that you are going to get a good look at the views that Mount Kilimanjaro has to offer. We travel through the Shira Plateau to the western edge, where we will spend the night at Shira Camp.

Day 3

Shira Camp 1, Hike to Shira Camp 2

Duration: 5 to 7 hours

Distance: 14km

Zone: Moorland and High Alpine

Elevation: 3610 m to 3850 m

On the third day, we continue hiking through the Shira plateau, over the ridge, and into the valley, where you have your first view of the Kibo peak. You also get to hike to the 4000-meter-high Shira Cathedral, which is the day’s highest point. We then get back to Shira 2 Camp at an elevation of 3850m for the night. The main point of climbing to Shira Cathedral is to acclimatize your body to the altitude.

Day 4

Shira 2 Camp - ascend to Lava Tower, descend to Barranco Camp

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Distance: 12km

Zone: High Alpine

Elevation: 3850m to Lava Tower and 3900m to Barranco Camp

The trail on the 4th day goes through the bushes past the western breach, and by lunchtime, we shall be at the 4600-meter-high Lava Tower, where lunch will be served. And as you climb higher, you will notice that the altitude will start to get to you, and the only solution to this is to hike at a slow pace so that you do not get altitude sickness. After our stop at the Lava Tower to achieve acclimatization, we shall then head downhill towards the Barranco Camp past the giant groundsel trees at an elevation of 3900m.

Day 5

Barranco Camp to Karanga

Duration: 4 hours

Distance: 7km

Zone: High Alpine

Elevation: 3900 m to 3995 m

Day five is a bit hectic since you have to climb the Barranco Wall, which many hikers always worry about. The Wall is about 257 meters high with steep rocks, and although it is not a technical climb, you will need to be cautious as you have to use your hands sometimes to keep steady during the climb. The climb usually takes about two hours to get to the top flat area, where you hike downhill to the Karanga camp located in the shadows of Kibo peak where the Uhuru Summit is located.

Day 6

Karanga to Barafu Camp

Duration: 4 hours

Distance: 6km

Zone: Alpine desert

Elevation: 3995m to 4673m

Day 6 starts from Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp, where we rest and spend the night before being woken up at midnight for the summit attempt. It is a short distance with great views, but we advise that you take things slow and preserve all your energy for the summit attempt. This can be done by resting since it is only 4 hours away, getting an early dinner, and getting enough sleep so that summit day is worth the climb for the 8 days.

Day 7

Barafu Camp to Summit (Uhuru Peak) to High Camp

You will be awoken at around midnight for a light meal and then start with the attempt of the summit hike. A slow and steady climb through the heavy snow is what you should expect; the darkness can be dealt with a headlamp until we get to the Stella point at an elevation of 5756 be dealt upon with the help of a headlamp until we get to Stella point at an elevation of 5756m Stella Point is a good place for watching the sunrise (this is about 5 to 6 hours after setting off), and after seeing the sunrise and resting a bit, we continue to the highest point of the mountain, Uhuru Peak, on our descent.

The journey does not end with reaching Uhuru Peak because the next step is to descend to the High Camp. The hike down is not an easy fit because of the loose and slippery scree you will encounter for the next three hours at Barranco Camp. We rest at the Barranco camp, gather all our stuff, and then continue to the High Camp where we rest, take a much-needed shower, and rest for the night after dinner.

Day 8

Mweka camp to Mweka gate. Transfer to Moshi / Arusha

Duration: 3 to 5 hours

Distance: 9km

Zone: Montane Forest

Elevation: 3950 m to 1640 m

Day 8 is our last day on Mount Kilimanjaro, and after breakfast, we continue our descent through the rainforest. Some hikers might take it slow and others fast, and when you get to the gate, certificates will be awarded to participants, you sign out, and our driver guide will take you to your hotel in Moshi, where you get to spend the night for the much-needed proper sleep.

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8 days Lemosho route

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