Elevation at Arrow Glacier Camp: 4860 Meters Above Mean Sea Level (m.a.m.s.l.).

Arrow Glacier Camp, an essential waypoint for climbers traversing the challenging Western Breach Route of Mount Kilimanjaro, sits atop the remnants of a glacier from yesteryears. This unique feature imparts a historical depth to the camp’s significance. The Arrow Glacier, which once graced the slopes of the mountain, has gradually vanished, leaving behind a poignant testament to the dynamic changes in Kilimanjaro’s glacial landscape over time.

The mere footprint of this extinct glacier echoes the powerful narrative of environmental shifts that have shaped the mountain’s character, making this Camp not just a physical stop but a poignant marker of nature’s evolving story.

Routes that Use Arrow Glacier Camp.

While routes like Shira, Lemosho, and Northern Circuit intersect at the Arrow Glacier Camp, they predominantly opt for other accommodations, with the Western Breach Route being the exception. Despite its historical context, Arrow Glacier camp lacks permanent structures, featuring only wooden pit latrine toilets.

This campsite sees limited use due to its strategic role in ascent and descent. Climbers choose it as overnight accommodation during the ascent, taking an alternative route for the descent. The Western Breach Route, known for its vertical wall ascent, requires special permission, contributing to the camp’s infrequent use.

Location of Arrow Glacier Camp

Nestled on the eastern slopes of Kibo, the towering zenith of Kilimanjaro, Arrow Glacier Camp unfolds alongside the imposing Western Breach wall. This geological marvel emerged from a dramatic descent of a substantial landmass, sculpting a formidable vertical scree wall that soars nearly 100 meters in height. The campsite offers an awe-inspiring view of this testament to nature’s transformative forces.

Nestled within Kilimanjaro’s alpine desert realm, Arrow Glacier Camp confronts relentless winds, scant rainfall, and a dry atmosphere. Yet, the camp transforms into a winter wonderland when delicate snowflakes dance through the air, rendering it a rare spectacle on Kilimanjaro.

Amidst its seeming desolation, hosting only a handful of spiders, the camp becomes a living archive, vividly narrating the mountain’s geological and climatic chronicles, showcasing the interplay of nature’s forces over time.

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ROUTES                                               Rongai, Northern Circuit

AMENITIES                                        Lunch and Picnic Site

VEGETATIONS                                 Heath Vegetation Zone


Arrow Glacier Camp
Sunset At Arrow Glacier Camp
Arrow Glacier Camp
Arrow Glacier Camp
Arrow Glacier Camp
Breakfast At Arrow Glacier Camp

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